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Código de Producto:Cafe Especial
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Opciones Disponibles

You will receive 10kg (30bags of 340gr) of Differenciated Specialty Coffee of Origin, selected, medium roasted and you can change for your next purchase

You will receive a small batch of Coffees of 87 SCA on avegare, with authentic notes from Coffee Growers very dedicated to their cultivation.

With the purchase of this Coffee you are supporting one of our producers to have a better profitability for their coffee and the happiness of their family for being able to sell their harvest to the Final Consumer

The Great Monopolies of the industry, have subjected our farmers to work for years without profit, most Coffee Growers only receive a price to cover production costs

This purchase that you make today, allows us to earn 1.5 to 3 times more than the value it receives from the conventional market

Thanks for your support